Our events

At Mark Holt & Co and Healium we are regularly running seminars and events to help businesses become more profitable and ready to face the day to day challenges they face.

Our events are deliberately lively and light hearted as if you have enjoyed the experience you are far more likely to remember the ideas that we throw out.

Some recents seminars have been "Making Your Business Really Fly", "Fit for Growth", "Marketing Materials on a Budget", "Winning New Customers", "Pricing for Profit", "Tax Planning you are Missing" and many more.

Some comments from attendees have been:

  • "Well worth giving up the time"
  • "Great Presentation...Enthusiatic and Motivating"
  • "Fantastic Event..very thought provoking"

 Take Aim On Your Future...

There is no doubt that life sometimes feels like a treadmill getting faster and faster. Reirement seems so far away that many adopt a 'heads down, fingers crossed' approach. The problem is that if you don't have a clear plan for your future, there is a good chance it won't be the one you want.

If you wish to attend our free morning seminar at Boringdon Park Golf Club on Wednesday 27th September email: marketing@markholt.co.uk to register your place.

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