Paul Meatyard

Paul Meatyard
  • Tel: 01752 207070

Paul grew up in Plymouth where he attended St Boniface College. He joined the financial services industry in 1988 working for the Prudential Assurance gaining valuable training and experience. He became an IFA in 1991, and chose to join a national IFA in 1999 so that he might specialise in providing investment advice. Paul has made appearances on local radio in his capacity as a financial planner providing his opinion and expertise. He has also written financial articles for the press. 

Paul is now a director of Sound Financial Management, which provides the advisory service for Mark Holt and Co Wealth Management. He is involved in providing bespoke advice for Mark Holt clients.
Paul recognises the value of building close personal relationships when it comes to managing money, ensuring an all important element of trust is maintained with his clients and his team. This, coupled with his financial expertise makes him an invaluable member of Mark Holt and Co Wealth Management.

Aside from attending the gym regularly, Paul has a passion for winter sports, particularly snowboarding.  When on holiday, he can often be seen attempting tricks in the snowpark and is always keen to challenge himself.