What we do

Mark Holt & Co and Healium are one team, offering a two pronged approach.

Mark Holt & Co are proactive accountants focused on growing and protecting our client’s wealth, whereas Healium is all about getting your business from where it is today to where you want it to be.

We offer all of the traditional services of an accounting firm but we understand there is so much more that can be done to help you reach your ideal profits and an improved lifestyle.

"Our aim is to help our clients achieve more than they ever thought possible and to have fun doing it” Browse through our full range of services to see how we can do this for you.

Like our clients, you will not want traditional hourly rate based services you want to be in control of our costs and know that we are adding value.  In order to achieve this we have developed three levels of business services tailored to your needs.

The principle we are trying to achieve is to provide our clients with choice and security. The choice comes from the ability for you to choose the level of service that you want, not what we believe you want or need. The security is provided by a Fixed Price Agreement for the service level you choose.

In simple terms the difference between the levels is as follows:

  • More time and input from us
  • More proactivity and creativity with ideas
  • More value added and greater benefits for you.

On many of our projects and value added work, we are happy to be paid based on the outcome.  You will either pay a percentage of what we can save or what we have added, however if this is not possible to quantify we will simply give you the choice.  You pay us what you think is fair!

Our specialism is that we are never tunnel visioned in what we are doing for you.  Our eyes and ears are always open looking for opportunities for you.  For example if we are preparing your accounts we will be looking for profit improvement, tax or commercial ideas.
As a team we are able to provide the big firm expertise, but with the care and attention that only a local firm can deliver.

Few other accountants have our mindset, breadth of ideas and experience and the drive to make it happen.  The only way you will believe this is to review the range of services we offer and let us carry out a free review to show you how different we are.

Wealth planning

Often planning your personal wealth is neglected and by the time you start it is too late. This is an important area for anyone in business or any individual – how do you record where you are now and where you want to be? Find out more

Tax services

From a high net worth individual to a business owner or a business itself you will no doubt want to minimise the tax that you pay. This is where we excel. Find out more

Professional services

We provide all of the accounting and auditing services you would expect, but alongside these we have the expertise to build and protect your business value. Find out more

Business development

Our business improvement services are designed at helping businesses through periods of change. Sometimes that is a business in trouble, but often it is a businesses looking to grow and develop, improving its profits and its value. Find out more