Marketing, sales and pricing

Marketing is one of the critical activities to running a successful business. If you do not generate the custom you do not have a business. Yet often the term 'Marketing', is mis-understood and is a low priority.

Marketing is 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration and we can provide assistance on both. We can help you create and implement systems and strategies to not only generate new leads, but also to convert them and to encourage existing customers to spend more.

This is where our focus will then shift to increasing the average sales value and improving your sales systems. Once you have a sale, you need to be able to follow it through.

Finally, the pricing of your products and services is one of the most important issues in any business. Yet often the people who set the price have never had any training. Crazy isn't it? Yet this is true 99% of the time and businesses are losing significant opportunities to increase their profitability, simply through lack of training.

With our training we can work with you either, in a group seminar, or tailored to your business programme "Pricing for Profit" which helps you improve your profitability through pricing techniques. We will help you create ideas, pricing structures, show you how to package products or services. We guarantee it will improve your profitability. If not, then no questions asked you can use our money back guarantee and you will have lost nothing.

We have packaged all of these issues into a solution we call “Profitable Business Generation” (PBG). This simply looks at the way you generate turnover and attacks all the areas where improvements can be made. Here’s the best bit….most of our PBG projects are run on the basis that you only pay us if we add value to your business and you decide if we have done that!