Case studies

£2M+ obtained for clients

As a firm we pride ourselves on being proactive, determined and constantly looking for opportunities for our clients. A typical example is a VAT opportunity that arose a few years ago where a number of motor dealers were told by their accountants that it wasn’t worth making a claim or were not even told about it. Find out more

Support when it's needed

One of our core values that we actively promote is that “the client is more important than the fee”, but not only do we promote it we actually deliver on it. Towards the end of 2008 one of our clients had the Bank cease to provide any additional funding to their business. Find out more

Exit planning

As part of an annual review meeting, the owners of a family business mentioned that they were concerned about the future profitability of the business, fed up having to work long hours, the constant worry etc, but didn’t know what to do. We listened to this and explored with them their options for exiting from the business. Find out more