£2M+ obtained for clients

Over £2M obtained for clients

As a firm we pride ourselves on being proactive, determined and constantly looking for opportunities for our clients.

A typical example is a VAT opportunity that arose a few years ago where a number of motor dealers were told by their accountants that it wasn’t worth making a claim or were not even told about it. However we identified the opportunity, took it not just to our clients, but also the market place as a whole and offered to make a claim on a “no win, no fee basis”.

The claims varied in size and difficulty, but working with our VAT specialists we put together the claims and fought hard to agree them with HMRC. This determination paid off as our claims were paid quicker than a lot of others and in total we managed to obtain over £2m for our clients.

We are also not the type of firm to do this and move on so we have been monitoring the position and recently managed to make some additional claims for certain clients whose original claims had been rejected or they simply did not make one the first time around. This has resulted in over £250k of additional claims being made by us on behalf of our clients.