Exit planning

Making a difference through exit planning

As part of an annual review meeting, the owners of a family business mentioned that they were concerned about the future profitability of the business, fed up having to work long hours, the constant worry etc, but didn’t know what to do.

We listened to this and explored with them their options for exiting from the business, e.g could they afford to retire and if so how could they realise the best return for the business and their property assets.

The result was a 2 year project which saw us guiding them through every step of the way, including:

  • Evaluating the Net income from various exit options
  • Identifying the most appropriate exit option and planning the steps needed to achieve it.
  • Preparing the Marketing information for the business sale and the detailed information packs for any potential buyer.
  • Identifying selected potential buyers and tenant and making a confidential approach to generate interest and open negotiations.
  • Negotiating with the potential buyers to reach a Heads of Agreement.
  • Driving and managing the lawyers to produce contracts and helping to translate legal terminology into plain English so our client actually understood what they were signing up to.
  • Negotiating hard through this process to protect our client’s position and to maximise the proceeds.
  • Planning the most tax efficient treatment of all aspects of the deal.
  • Driving and managing the whole process, but also hand holding and supporting them through this every step of the way.

The outcome is that through this process we delivered over £250k of additional cash to our client in tax savings or negotiating favourable terms, but most importantly they are now in a position where they have retained their property asset, sold the business and are earning more income than they ever have previously.

For our client they now have the freedom to enjoy time with their family, to travel or do anything they want and have never been so happy. Sometimes it is not just about the money.