Security and funding review

Is this YOU?

  • You borrow money from a Bank, asset finance company or other lenders
  • You don't feel in control of a relationship, understand the way Banks operate, or have confidence in  the person you deal with
  • You are not sure if you are borrowing in the right woy or on the right terms and may want to borrow more and are not sure how to present your case the best way
  • You don't know what guarantees and security you have given or how this comes into play if the Bank call in their debts,what covenants apply to your borrowings or the implications of not meeting these agreed conditions
  • You regularly hear how difficult funding is to come by for businesses and worry how this will affect you in the future

The financial world has changed. You need to understand the "rules of the game". Some have borrowed on overdrafts for many years only to find that the "repayable on demand" means exactly that.

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