Support when it's needed

One of our core values that we actively promote is that “the client is more important than the fee”, but not only do we promote it we actually deliver on it.

Towards the end of 2008 one of our clients had the Bank cease to provide any additional funding to their business. The company needed additional funds to complete a property development and without it they would have lost the lot, including a significant amount of their personal wealth. In addition to this over 70 people would also have lost their jobs.

When every other advisor or supplier wanted cash up front, we did not think twice about how we would get paid, we trusted the client and the right thing to do was to help. Initially we helped them to understand the Bank’s position and the options open to them, we helped identify potential sources of funding and to guide them on the pros and cons of each. Over a period of 2 to 3 months we worked with them to produce cashflows, helped protect their position and supported them in obtaining alternative funding sources.

As much as there were tangible savings from our involvement, in the scheme of things they were insignificant. The company had secured funds to complete the property and maintain their trading business, protecting the owner’s wealth and the employees’ jobs. At an extremely stressful and difficult time, the value to the client came through us being there - the support and guidance when faced with a variety of uncertain options.